Hottie Tottie / by A F

Growing up surrounded by local farms on eastern Long Island, NY, I learned at an early age the importance of eating organic. While attending the Ross School in East Hampton, NY, I enjoyed working on the school farm, where I had a chance to plant and harvest organic fruits and vegetables, which would later be served to the school’s faculty and students in the organic-only cafe. Through these experiences, I realized that organic food and beverages were not only beneficial to society’s health but also to the environment.

But when I went to college, I was surprised to discover that organic food and beverages were not the norm and were not readily available in NYC or, more broadly, nationwide. Recognizing the importance of organics and non-GMOs, I began to work rigorously to promote education and awareness about these topics.

Two years ago in my country kitchen, my family and I started to experiment with creating various organic drinks using the best ingredients. We loved trying the new concoctions, which we called “Hottie Totties.” We loved them so much that we decided to start an organic beverage company so we could share the drinks with everyone.

Today, I am excited to introduce Hottie Tottie, a line of delicious, versatile organic juices, teas, and mixers that I'm sure will make a positive impact on the health of society and on the environment.